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Perfect Putty

Perfect Putty® is a pre-installed Plumber’s Putty Rope with a specifically designed profile to provide the maximum amount of putty in the areas where it is needed. This profile makes sure the installation is quick and perfect. A minimal amount of waste compared to the method of rolling putty ropes from a tub of putty.

How To Install a Perfect Putty® Basket Strainer Assembly

Installation : Demo Video

Perfect Putty ® comes Pre-Installed on a Selection of More than 30 Items

Sink Strainer Assemblies, Pop-Up Assemblies & Bath Waste + Overflows

Shaped for Best Fit

The top angle hugs the flange at the top of the strainer or pop-up. The front angle makes sure enough putty contacts the sink or tub.

Hermetically Sealed

All Perfect Putty® items are hermetically sealed to keep the putty in perfect condition until you are ready to install it.

Perfect Putty by Kissler & Co.

Now Available!
• Sink Strainer Assemblies
• Pop-Up Assemblies
• Bath Waste + Overflows

All Kissler & Co. Inc. products comply with federal and state statute as lead‑free.
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